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10,000 THINGS 


Although the exhibition has not been reviewed by the leading art critics of New York, London, Milan, etc., if it were, some of the things that might have been written include:  "Run, don't walk, to the Branner Spangenberg Gallery in Redwood City, CA.  to see the brilliant, encyclopedic, visually gorgeous installation by Michael Pauker.  If the 10,000 things doesn't have the whole world contained within it, I'd be hard-pressed to say what he's left out."  "Blimey, this bloke is onto something.  Somehow he's able to sustain our interest over several thousand artworks.  Jolly good show!"  "Bellissimo!  Magnifico!  Delizioso!"

The artist will be in residence at the gallery from 1-6pm on Sunday, July 10, and we have added a closing reception from 6-9pm on Friday, July 15.  If neither of those times work for you, feel free to contact the gallery to arrange a viewing, at

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