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My art is steeped in the rich tapestry of collage and mixed media, drawing on the deep well of

artistic history to inform my vision. I delve into the realm of color, form, and energy, blurring the

boundaries between mediums and disciplines, seeking to see the world in new and unexpected


The world around me is my greatest inspiration, evoking feelings and emotions that I strive to

capture in my work. I often incorporate found objects, such as clippings and images from

magazines, news headlines, and articles in various languages, to create a connection to the

larger world. I believe it is vital to leave room for individual interpretation and to create a space

for the viewer to engage with my work on their own terms.

Through the years, I have honed an artistic eye that finds beauty and potential in the overlooked

and an intuitive awareness of precisely where to place these elements in my work. My collage

process is intuitive, much like the act of cooking a meal. Like a chef experiments with different

flavor combinations, I enjoy experimenting with materials, textures, and colors, improvising with

the formal elements of a piece of art until I sense that it is complete, and it speaks to something

essential about the human experience.



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