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About Gary Tolomei:


Bio: I never planned to be a painter. I fell in love with painting when I accidentally enrolled in a beginning painting class in college, and I’ve been painting ever since.


At first, the work was mostly technical, in a strictly realistic style. But after several years, this mode of working proved to be very unsatisfying. A two year lull ensued in which I experimented with other media until returning to my first love. The work of painting gradually matured to what it is today; a coalescence and distillation of the various interests and pursuits, experiences and responses that occur while going about the business of my little life.


Material: Acrylic/oil

Size: 72’x 96”

Price: $10,000


*If you have any inquiries about other art pieces from Gary Tolomei

please contact us by email



Angel of the Future by Gary Tolomei

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