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About Kalani Engles:


You can hear the Hawaii in the rhythm of her name and you can see it in the rhythm of her work. Kalani Engles paints a world that is unfailingly organic, a people-less world that is animated by human touch and idiosyncrasy, a fecund fever-dream of the natural world. The style of Engles’ work is an intriguingly sourced stew of modernism. She readily admits to an admiration for Arthur Dove. And there is a distinctively American stamp to her work. Milton Avery, Charles Burchfield, Stuart Davis, perhaps even the baroque undulations of Thomas Hart Benton come to mind as well. Yet style and influences are beside the point with Engles, it is the vigor of her images that is of paramount significance. 


Material: Oil on Canvas

Size: 48” x 48”



*If you have any inquiries about other art pieces from Kalani Engles

please contact us by email

Giverny 2 by Kalani Engles

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