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Welcome to BSG Virtual Gallery! The latest in Internet Virtual-Art Technology, click any one of our "6" very impressive Gallery Halls. The sites are very user-friendly and easy to navigate from room to room. Click on specific paintings to gain perspective into your inspiration's and other's work. Hurry now to experience the future of art displays in Virtual-3D, as Tomorrow has Now arrived!  Enjoy!


Martha Branner

President & Creative Director


Weaver Hall

Room 1: Barbara Kirst, Willow Banks & Eric Roberts 

Room 2: Martha Branner

Exhibition Hall

Room 1: Peter Foley

Room 2: James Cooper and George Woodward

In Between 10 - Monotype - 18” x 24”.jpg

Lorca Hall

Room 1: Kalani Engles and Robin Mullery

Room 2: Gary Tolomei, Stefani Esta and  Jan Karlton 

Mitchell Hall

Room 1: Rozanne Hermelyn Di Silvestro and Eric Robert

Room 2:  Anne Rotty and Trever Reyes 

Chris Kidd Litho 8.jpg

Hansberry Hall

Room 1: Elizabeth Noerdlinger,  Jeff Brown and Chris Kidd  

Room 2: Robin McCloskey and Joyce Savre

Karlton Hall

Room 1: Colleen Sullivan, Bonny Novesky 

Room 2:  The Jan Karlton Collections 

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