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Exhibit Dates

April 27 - May 20


Opening Reception

Friday, April 27th  5:30 - 8:30pm


- Kids art activities throughout the evening

- 7pm adults take a turn at scarifying a piece of art

- 100% of artist’s proceeds from the sale of the title     piece, “The Fault Line of Feeling”, will be donated to   buy art supplies for Ms. Egbert’s 3rd grade class at   Costano Elementary in East Palo Alto


Gallery Hours

Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4PM

or by appointment

Branner Spangenberg Gallery

275A Linden St.
Redwood City, CA 94061


Robin Mullery ​- Scenes Along The Fault Lines Of Feeling

The work in this show was largely executed in the unusual and humble medium of  cement; more accurately in a range of various related, industrial products used for construction and/or repair.  Working within the confines of these improbable materials, so heavy in their physical manifestation, Robin has found a means by which to illustrate, indeed to ritualistically reenact, what it is to be broken and made whole again, to be repaired, to be imperfect and scarred and stronger in the broken places, which is to say, to be human.  If you give these pieces time by walking amongst them, letting your eyes run across their textures and take in their austere forms, these mute, dry, dusty objects may begin to whisper to you, as relics from an ancient and long gone civilization can, they may say something to you about yourself that you never knew before.  Or they may reveal a secret, thrilling form of beauty.  You need to come and visit this show to see what might unfold for you. ​


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